[Takatsu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanai de!


[Takatsu] Sore wa Rekishi ni Kakanai de! [Uncensored]
[高津] それは歴史に書かないでっ! [無修正]
232.6MB, 1100×1600, 201 Pages, [2010-01-02]
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Complete decensored english manga thanks to biribiri and Hearthworth

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  • For those curious, there is a very, very short, side-story of the above in the all-protein anthology [タマゴノカラ (しろー 高津 七松建司 村岸健太)] 嗜 -TSNM- FINAL (Various)…

    Goes to show the main protagonist just loves them cooked golden brown, regardless if it is beef or seafood…

    Many thanks for the above work by J-M-BOX (or Takatu/Takatsu, as this wonderful artist is more commonly known), Len..!

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